Thursday, March 5, 2015

BB17 Schedule

BB17 will be aired 3 days a week as usual. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, starting on Wednesday, June 24th at 8pm. The two night premiere will continue on Thursday, June 25th at 8pm. The third episode will be shown on Sunday, June 28th at 8pm. The following week, the schedule will normalize at Wednesdays and Sundays at 8pm and Thursdays eviction episodes being at 9pm. For you newbies, that would be on CBS.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Warming up to the idea of Big Brother 17...

Ho-hum. Another year, another Big Brother. I hope 17 can motivate me to blog about it. BB16 was such a yawn. Frankie and Zach started out being quite entertaining and ended up being idiots that will do anything for a camera. I had such high hopes for Zach. Derrick won 17 so easily that the show bored me to tears. Amazing what high percentage of idiots Robyn Kass found. Victoria was the best slacker I have ever seen on any BB. Did she even realize she was in a game, and not in high school?
Enough on 16. Has anybody heard any good rumors yet for 17? I have hear a couple, but just the usual; all-stars or celebrity. All I know is that I'm digging deep to find motivation. Later.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Second night

Well, it went pretty much like last night's show with the last 8 HGs. I missed a few minutes of the chatter among the HGs. I saw Donny breaking the boredom with cricket noises. He is really great at making a cricket sound and it also doubles as a referee whistle sound. Caleb won the 2nd HOH in a similar competition about being on  BBQ spit. There was a cylinder again only this time they had to lay on it and hold onto it while it turned and the last one holding on, won. They were sprayed with BBQ sauce which made it a bit slippery. Here is the order they fell off: Victoria, Brittany, Jocasta, Christine, Zach (threw it), Derrick (threw it) and finally Hayden. That left Caleb who was showing off during the competition by letting go of the cylinder with an arm and at times, and arm & a leg. The other HGs were stunned by what a beast Caleb is. That can place a target squarely on his back!

Julie explained the HOH twist and the new competition called "Battle of the Block." Here is how I understood it. HOH1 & HOH2 with each nominate 2 HGs for eviction. The BotB competition will be between the nominees. HOH1's nominees will battle HOH2's nominees. The winning nominee pair will be taken off the block and the HOH who nominated them will no longer be HOH. This means the winning pair's HOH will be put back in the pool of qualifying HGs to be put on the block if the power of veto is used. Thus, an HOH could lose their position AND be put on the block... if their nominees win the BotB comp! This could really tangle things up. I love it.

The first player that America voted into the Team America alliance was revealed to be Joey. She was very happy. They are given the option of telling the other HGs or not. There will be three HGs in this alliance. They will be paid $5000 for each mission they complete for America. Julie then opened up the voting for the 2nd TA alliance member. Voting will be open until late next Tuesday (7/1). My choice is of course Donny. We each get 20 votes (per IP address). If you're with me, vote for Donny.

While we are talking about Donny check out this little tidbit over on Joker's by clicking this link. It's definitely sure to blow you away. A "shocker."

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Battle of the Block

I just want to put my guess out here to see if I'm right. I think the Battle of the Block will be the two HOHs forming two teams. One team will be one HOH and 2 block nominees. The two teams will compete and the winning team wins all the goods. Winning HOH gets to stay HOH and the losing nominees will stay on the block while the winning two are taken off. We will then end up with a winning HOH and the losing nominees will stay on the block. It is confusing as each HOH will want to nominate 2 HGs that the other HOH wants on the block.

Let's say HOH1 nominates 2 HGs that HOH2 wants out. Now HOH1 and their 2 nominees win the competition. HOH1 stays the HOH and HOH2 is no more. HOH1's nominees (which are actually who HOH2 wanted out) will come off the block and the nominees that HOH2 nominated will stay on the block. This is going to add a whole new dimension to the game as HOHs will be nominating people they really want to stay and hoping to win their freedom from the block. If the HOHs work WITH thei nominees they can force the other 2 nominees to stay on the block and kick the other HOH out of the HOH spot and back into vulnerability, as they can then be put on the block if the veto is used.

Best I can do to explain it. Confusing but a wonderful concept. As all things go in the BB house, we never know if it will work until we see it in play. The dynamics could be a whole new game.